Showers, Bathtub Surrounds, and Conversions

A-Ward Custom Installations will tear out and haul off your old shower materials and debris. We then use only the best products as approved by tile industry for rebuilding all new mold resistant walls which serve as the basis for what you choose to display; the beautiful decorative tile, stone, glass and metals! There are many extras you may choose in creating your custom design such as inset niches for your shower products, corner soap dishes and safety bars. Do you long for a bench in your shower to rest on or shave? We’ll make it a reality.

It’s important to use industry approved procedures and products for wet work. These areas are subject to repeated exposure to water, year after year. Our plumbing is done by state licensed plumbers. This puts our company above the competition and gives you peace of mind. Why would you invest your hard earned dollars into a new shower project without having a licensed plumber?

We offer semi-framed shower enclosures for your new shower as well as an option to upgrade to a new frameless shower enclosure with popular hardware finishes such as Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze to make your new frameless 3/8” thick shower glass enclosure stand out. The price is based upon the size of the shower so be sure to ask about the details.

Note: One of the things to think about as you consider 3/8” frameless shower glass is water leakage. The glass does not have a frame and there are gaps between the walls and the glass. We want our customers to know buying a frameless shower glass is for its beauty and is not completely water tight. If you have moisture sensitive flooring such as wood or cork, you should consider using a semi-framed enclosure or let us install new tile or stone flooring.

Shower fixtures are chosen and purchased by our customers so they aren’t limited to one specific brand or style.

Bathtub Surrounds

You have many choices for your bath tub. We offer complete removal of your old tub and replacement of a new one. Perhaps you’d like to rebuild your decking and update with new tile, stone, mosaic or granite cradle for your drop in tub. Above that we install new decorative walls in tile, stone, mosaic or other inserts you choose for the look you’ve dreamed about. If you’re looking to update your bathroom and want to keep costs at a minimum we have an update for you without tub removal. By replacing the old wall surface and backsplash areas and installing new tile or stone, you’ll be thrilled and everyone will think you’ve replaced the tub as well. Again we use materials and procedures in compliance with standards as stated above in our shower installations.

Tub To Bath Conversions

Turn your regular bath tub to a custom shower. We’ll move and replace drains, valves, fixtures, build a new shower pan and install new glass surround of your choice. Again we use materials and procedures in compliance with standards as stated above in our shower installations. You are only limited by your imagination! We can help with design.

Click on Prosource or DalTile to view possible material choices.

Showers - Bathtub Surrounds - Conversions

[img src=]Tub Enclosure
[img src=]Oversized Shower
[img src=]The Look You Designed Raindrops
[img src=]Shower
[img src=]Shower
[img src=]Shower with Deco Strip
[img src=]Shower Niche
[img src=]Shower Straight 18x18 with Glass Mosaics
[img src=]Shower Tile Traditional
[img src=]Shower Display
[img src=]Tub and Decking
[img src=]
[img src=]In Progress
[img src=]After
[img src=]Tub Surround
[img src=]Tub Surround Diagonal Tile
[img src=]Porcelain with Glass Mosaic Strip
[img src=]Pinwheel on Diagonal
[img src=]Showertub Surround
[img src=]Shower
[img src=]Shower Pre Grout
[img src=]Shower
[img src=]Completed
[img src=]Surround
[img src=]
[img src=]After Completed
[img src=]Surround
[img src=]
[img src=]Surround
[img src=]Decking During
[img src=]Decking and Tile Complete
[img src=]
[img src=]Porcelain Tile Glass Mosaic Liner Recessed Niche