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“Get” your carpet fiber.

Understanding fiber is key to understanding carpet. It breaks down easily into two major categories, synthetic carpet fibers and natural. Natural carpet fibers are derived from animal or vegetable sources that are processed further to make yarn. Cotton and jute are the primary vegetable-based fibers while wool is the most popular of the animalbased variety. Wool carpet fiber is expensive due to high demand and somewhat limited supply and is used mostly for rugs and higher-end carpets.

Synthetic fibers are produced chemically via petroleum products and include:

• Nylon carpet-the work horse of carpet, comprises 75% of the industry, is resilient, cleanable and easiest to dye and style
• Polyester carpet-softer and more accepting of brighter dyes, it’s used only residentially due to susceptibility to matting and crushing
• Polypropylene carpet fibers-extremely durable and unable to absorb moisture, it’s inexpensive and used primarily for commercial installations inside and out

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