Our Team

All of our installers are professionals who are craftsmen that take pride and care in your project and in your home. Each installer has passed a criminal background check for your peace of mind. They are craftsmen who take pride in their work and have many years of history installing for our customers.

Joanna Ward, President

Joanna Ward has been with A-Ward from the very beginning – her late husband, Gil Ward started the company. She came on board in 2000 as an assistant, taking over the books and other management required for a successful small business. Eleven years later, she acts as President. She says the reason A-Ward runs smoothly is the professional service our installers provide. “Our general manager is always there to address your questions or concerns and our friendly staff is oriented to bring good will and meet the customers’ needs.” Before she made the move to A-Ward, she worked as a Texas Realtor, Loss Mitigation Rep, and REO Sales Rep in mortgage banking. When she’s not in the office, she can be found in the kitchen cooking or outside – playing golf, boating, gardening and enjoying fellowship with friends, family and grandchildren. “Quality, dependable, warranted service from a family run insured business is what you can expect from A-Ward Custom Installations. I can confidently say we stand above the rest!”

T. Brandon Rives, General Manager

T. Brandon Rives says being part of the A-Ward team came naturally as it is the family business where he learned the facets of all areas of the flooring business by working from the ground up. He is the General Manager and has been since 2005. His favorite part of A-Ward is that for 30 years, it has been family owned and operated. Brandon is a huge family guy and spends as much time as possible with his wife and new baby girl, especially anything outdoors. He previously worked as Camp Director for Boys and Girls Club of America and brought some of that expertise to A-Ward, describing himself as “reliable” and “dependable.” He says “Our slogan is that we are ‘Competitive as Heck’ and because of that, our customers will receive expert installation service and personal attention.”

Luke Ward, Sales Manager

Since 2005, Luke Ward has been the Sales Manger for A-Ward and an installer prior to that. Luke wanted to join the family business so he could help his father make it grow. And grow it did. With a history of working with people, Luke loves working directly with the clients to fulfill their needs. His favorite part of his job is being able to “offer a fair price and top-notch craftsmanship.” In his free time, you’ll find Luke on the golf course or hanging out with his family and friends.

Earl Beckham, Warehouse Manager

Earl Beckham has been doing business with A-Ward even before he began doing business for A-Ward! “When I was a salesman, Gil Ward was the best and only installer I would use,” he says. “We later became good friends and co-workers.” Before Earl was Warehouse Manager and Flooring Specialist for A-Ward, he got his high school and college degree, worked as an Industry salesman, and as a ceramic tile installer. He then moved to A-Ward Custom Installations and has been there for over 20 years. To relax, he loves doing any activity outdoors, reading, and studying.

Rhonda Byers, Administrative Assistant

Rhonda Byers has a history with A-Ward and the family – working with Joanna in Mortgage banking and families vacationing together. For the past seven years, Rhonda has been a member of the family also, working as Administrative Assistant. Before joining the A-Ward team, she was a Banking-Dealer, Finance Manager, and Collection Manager. She was also in Mortgage Banking for 30+ years. She loves working for A-Ward because of the exceptional installers that have been loyal to the company for years and who take the time to discuss customer designs. “I loved the way Gil Ward handled his customers,” she says. “He personally talked to them once the job was completed to make sure they were satisfied with our work. We take pride in continuing that type of service today.” She said for fun, she goes camping, canoeing, tubing, and dancing.